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Seven surprises to look out for as your child grows up
Your child will say "I love you"You may encourage your little one to say those three little words on a number of occasions. However, the first time she says "I love you" unprompted will take you by surprise and melt your heart.

Your child will get too big for your lap
There will come a day when you can't comfortably sit with your child on your lap anymore while you read a book together or watch a film. While you might feel sad when this time comes, you can still snuggle up in bed together on cold mornings and have big bear hugs.

Your child will want time aloneYou may have become used to not being able to go to the bathroom without your little one waiting for you outside the door. So when you’re suddenly confronted by an unfamiliar silence, you'll probably rush to make sure everything's OK. What will you find? Your child playing happily alone. She may even have gone into her own room and shut the door behind her. While this might be a bit of a wrench for you, try not to feel too upset. It's all part of her developing his independence.

Your child will teach you a thing or two
your child and her sharp mind will remind you. As she starts preschool and then school, he will also share with you what he's learning, which may well be things you've forgotten all about.

Your child will hurt your feelingsUnfortunately, there will be times when your child will say things she doesn’t really mean. So prepare yourself for the day when she says he hates you. She'll also tell you how "mean" you are, and when she's much older, how "embarrassing" you are. And then there are the daily honesties that can be hard to hear: "Mummy, your teeth are yellow!" or "Daddy, your breath smells bad!" It’s best to stay calm and explain to your child that saying such things isn’t nice and can hurt people's feelings.

Your child will show true bravery
Your child will be terrified of doing something, perhaps sleeping in the dark for the first time, but one evening you'll see him push through the fear and make it through the night. Prepare to feel immense pride.

Your child will make you a better personAs you know your child is watching, you'll find yourself swearing less, being kinder to others and maybe even promoting a more positive body image. Enjoy setting a good example to your ever-surprising child.